KIWI-lite smart wearable band offers a slick 1.54-inch IPS true colour full screen display to command your phone faster. The processor keeps your day to day activity data clean and organised . Magnetic attraction charging mode helps you stay connected for days.

Key indicators include

Smart thermometer

Measures your body temperature and keeps you updated on regular intervals.

blood oxygen monitor

Measures oxygen levels in blood. KIWI pro alerts you when there is abrupt rise or drop of oxygen levels in the blood.

Heart-rate monitor

Continuously measures your heart rate. KIWI pro alerts you the moment it measures heart-rate fluctuation.

Blood pressure monitor

Measures blood pressure at constant rate. KIWI pro helps you keep blood pressure in control.

Immunity measurement

Kiwi understands the need of the people. Hence, it’s coming with a functionality to measure immunity levels accurately and actively.

Sleep monitor

Kiwi monitors your sleeping habits, It helps in changing and organising your sleeping patterns for healthier sleep cycles.